Our background in art has given us the skills and ability to create some beautiful and extraordinary custom mosaic pieces.  From free form pieces to enormous inlays on the bottom of pools, our work in this niche has received international attention and awards.  If mosaic work is an integral part of your next project, we are your world-class design and installation experts.  


​Empowering Your Imagination


Fountains, walkways, pavers, lighting, waterfalls, huts, bridges, ponds, and outdoor showers are all beautiful additions to your home or business.   Its important to make sure that these accent structures are built to last a lifetime.  We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and put an extra level of detail into constructing hardscape with longevity in mind.  


Living in South Florida has allowed our team to develop experience in some unusual specialized areas.  How we got that experience is a story in itself. However, it has allowed us to see the “big picture” when it comes to a particular project or idea.   This diverse knowledge bank, as we like to call it, gives us the ability to streamline construction by understanding the requirements of certain custom material applications or products before they are installed.  Our expertise in these specialized areas allows us to identify potential problems and implement solutions in advance that achieve the desired results. 

Custom Fabrication and Engineered Design Solution

With background in engineering, we have been privileged to undertake some pretty interesting engineering and building challenges.   From a custom gun range under a house in a quiet residential neighborhood, to a panic room with steel plate walls and its own fresh air supply, nothing is outside the range of our possibilities.